Gullibleness? is that even a word?

Λ-  11/15/2011  -Ω

Gullibleness? is that even a word?

so today, like every other Tuesday and Thursday I head over to my grandmothers tutoring clinic to study for my up and coming G.E.D. test.  I generally wake up at about 6:30 am or so, and head off to study until my mother picks me up in 12 or so hours, on my way down we listen to NPR and talk about resent things going on in our ever crumbling world, and occasionally about home life.  Today my mother decided to drop my step brother Dylan off at school on our way to go do our work, which reminds me that i needed to talk to my mom privately about how Dylan has been acting lately.  So, when he barrel rolls out of the car and we go screeching off trying not to be later than we already are I start up a conversation.  I tell my mother that recently, Dylan has been believing anything that anyone tells him, even if its past common sense.  To test one of my theories i decide to play a few jokes on him and get a few friends involved to see how he reacts with different information, and which part of it he believes is true.  by the end of a week I have him convinced that he is actually the last of a dieing race that we, being aliens from another planet, have set out to destroy because our planet was out of resources, and that we found him in the forest being raised by a dodo bird, and that the only other being like him, which are far weaker in intellect then “our species”…. is J.W. Bush.  that we are an alien race that are immortal, that my friend Chris actually caused our plane to crash destroying all the technology we brought so we kept with his puny races sources for energy, that I, myself, got drunk driving an intergalactic planetary bomber and accidentally caused the Trinoble incident by instead of hitting the parking break, i hit the L.T.D.S.P.C.M.D.M.D.A.W.A. “Launch Tiny Device the Size of a Pencil that Causes Massive Destruction and Massive Radiation Across a Wide Area”   Button. and convinced him my middle sister, Zoe, is a vampire and both her and I are Wizards that go to school that what appears to be normal jenks schools, but the doors are extradementional portals that when open by a human open like a normal door to there normal school, but when open by a Wizard or Witch, it leads to a massive school that looks much like Hogwarts. and then, us Noting my sisters “wand” (a piece of antenna for rabbit ears for a TV that broke off and could still extend and contract) I said some gibberish, okay, not gibberish, the Elven language (I really do know it, yes I’m a geek/nerd), my sister would watch the wand motion and pick up on what “Spell” i was doing and react, to the point I “made her” try and jump off of the balcony that’s in our living room (don’t ask, its hard to explain…its more like a catwalk), but “released” her from the spell last minute. And, being the genius my little sisters Sophia and Piper are, they caught on to what we were doing at only 6 and 2 respectively, and played along without us telling them to. After telling my mother all I had done she. not being mad in any way surprisingly, said keep doing it, he needs to learn not everyone is his friend and not everyone tells the truth, so tonight I pulled him aside and talked to him privately with my sister Zoe. we told him what we were doing, and as i suspected he would do to not look stupid he said, “Yea I know what you were doing, i was “playing along,” I didn’t believe you at all…” even though when we were done telling him about being aliens he freaked when mom and step dad walked in, and went around whispering to us, “are they one of you guys? do they know what you are? can they do magic?” I just had to tell him if he didn’t stop I would have him killed, dipped in lye acid, then dump his- soup of a body- into the Mississippi river, (which has so much lye no on would know) I kinda feel bad for Dylan, his horrible mother, if you can call her that, has kept him sheltered severely, when we got custody of him at 6 years old, he didn’t know how to go to the bathroom right, didn’t know how to use toilet paper, looked strait down when he walked- more like shuffled- across the floor, had never caught a ball and when he ran he looked….special, arms all flapping like a retarded T-Rex and everything. he didn’t even know why he was grounded or got a time-out if he was in trouble because he didn’t put two and two together that he was bad, he got punished, he just thought we were punishing him randomly and for no reason! to mention the kids a lazy ass! my mom told him to help my little sister Sophia clean her room and he could play video games, when no one was looking he divided up the room in sides, saying “you do that side ill do this side” the sides were off, he had less room to clean than my 5 year old sister, and he just pushed everything either in the closet, under her beds, and when those were full he pushed the rest of his job onto her side when she wasn’t looking and left saying his half was done! just to go play his damn game! and not only that, mom told him to go put some of my close up in my room, so she fallowed him in there secretly and just watched him throw them on my ground, so she sat in the door way and when he turned around she just stared at him, his reply was, “I don’t know where they go!” so she said, “Well Dylan, where do your clothes go when you put them away?” he just shrugged his shoulders. it went on for an hour, his mom trained him to just listen to whatever anyone says and do it, don’t think, just be a mindless drone for her religion (now i NEVER bash other peoples religions, but this woman takes beeing a Jehovah’s Witness to being a whole….. notha….. leble!), which btw shes just using him so she can get into her “heaven.”  so finaly my mother got him to use common sense and he put the small stack of clothes in my dresser. OH! btw, i just remembered i took a  post-pre-test pre-test for the math section of the G.E.D. test and i only missed 2 out of 20, and one was because i forgot to put a dash through my plus sign, so it looked like a minus! but otherwise they say its going to be easy for me!

A.P.T.:  Average Pain Today

  1 being none at all, 5 being normal, 10 being horrendously unbelievable pain

  1        2       3       4        5       6       7       8        9      10


P.S. Thank you all for coming to see my blog, even just a peek, it tels me my recent visitors amount and after i posted it on FB i got 15 views in one day, instead of my 2 done by me daily! I thank you for supporting me and stuff, and, this blog is going on a website called RA guy, or somthing like that? just google it if you want, he posts blogs of peoples lives with arthritis on his site.


– Jonathan Forrest Jagger


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